Having sagging and/or uneven breasts? Decreased breast volume? Drooping nipples and stretched areolas?

Then YOU are the PERFECT candidate for the Breast Lift procedure!!!

Also known as a Mastopexy, the sole purpose for the Breast Lift procedure is to recreate the breast by lifting them, repositioning the nipple and areola (the dark area around the nipple) to achieve a more youthful look.

Q & A

-How long does this procedure take, and is there anesthesia involved?

This specific procedure takes approximately two hours. The patient will be placed under general anesthesia and will be monitored throughout the entire procedure.

-What if I don’t have enough breast tissue to have perky, full breasts after the breast lift?

This is an issue that some women face when consulting with their surgeon. When women do not have enough breast tissue to get the fullness at the top of the breast an implant is recommended. The implant helps to shape the breast and fill in the upper pole of the breast for a more desired look.

-Where would the implant be located?

Good question! The implant would be placed under the muscle, which allows the breast to have a more natural feel and slope and well as look.

-Do women normally get this procedure done?

Every year, thousands of women undergo successful Breast Lift surgery, experience no major problems and are pleased with the results!

-What is the typical recovery time for this procedure?

Most of our patients need about 1-2 weeks off from work. However, following the procedure, you must refrain from any hard physical activity, such as running and heavy lifting of weights, for about 6-8 weeks.

Dr. Nguyen has recently published an educational video for our Youtube channel! Below is the link to our Youtube channel where you will find a video of Dr. Nguyen performing a Breast Lift procedure . Warning this video does contain GRAPHIC CONTENT, VIEWERS DISCRETION ADVISED.

The breast lift procedure is one of the most popular at Sugar Land Plastic Surgery. Especially for mothers, to get their pre-baby body back as well as boosting their confidence. Come visit us today for a FREE consultation, just in time to show off the NEW YOU in a bikini before summer ends!

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