As we get older, skin-cell turnover slows down and exofoliating can help speed up the normal sheding cycle. Exfoliating can rid the skin’s dull, outer layer as well as all of the flaws that reside there, like fine lines, pigmentation and acne.

Follow this link to find four major reasons why exfoliating is so important!

At our office we have endless products and services, which help our patients achieve a faster skin-cell turnover creating healthy, flawless skin including:

  1. Microdermabrasion Treatments – A non-surgical, non-invasive process where micro-crystals are propelled at a high speed to safely abrade the skin’s tissue, at the same time the debris and crystals are vacuumed away leaving the skin softer and brighter.
  2. Nouvelle – Retinol 0.6% is delivered through a time released unique µ-Bead technology. Providing a sustained dose of Retinol for optimal efficacy with low to tolerable irritation for skin firmness and smoothness. Nouvelle also helps by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and signs of photo-aging.
  3. Glytone Acne Kit- A daily regimen to help keep skin blemish-free. This kit includes Salicylic Acid which helps unclog pores, Benzoyl peroxide that controls surface oil of the skin and Glycolic Acid which helps refine and retexturize skin.
  4. Perle – A skin brightening cream that is formulated with melaplex, a hydroquinone-free alternative to visibly diminishes the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone.

We don’t just believe in our products, we use them!

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