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John T. Nguyen, MD, FACS, FICS
 Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
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American Society of Plastic Surgeons Real Self Top Contributor

Patient Stories

Patient Stories

I’ve struggled with my body & weight for years. Before and during my pregnancy I started having health issues and that’s when I decided to change my lifestyle. Since 2011 I lost about 80 pounds but having a c section and losing a large amount of weight caused me to have loose saggy skin and I needed extreme muscle repair. I started to do my research and discovered Dr. Nguyen through facebook and on his webiste. On the Sugar Land Plastic Surgery website I saw so many wonderful reviews and amazing results. Since my first consultation to my phenomenal recovery, I have been nothing but happy and 100% satisfied. Dr Nguyen and his staff are extremely informative and outstanding. I knew there was an hour glass under my skin and because of him I get to embrace it! Thank you so much for everything, as I continue to fulfill my fitness journey.




Please show Dr. Nguyen this photo and tell him I said THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING ME FEEL LIKE A WOMAN! I am so in love with his work, I truly cannot thank him enough! I have referred several people to the office and will continue to as well.-Brittany Ann


Life-changing is the best way to describe my experience with Dr. Nguyen. In January 2016, I had a breast reduction/lift. I had no point of reference as I knew no one who had any plastic surgery done, so the only thing I knew to do was search online for a reputable plastic surgeon. And in my opinion, and from doing much research online, you want to make sure you choose the right physician for a breast reduction. For this kind of procedure, you want only the best and Dr. Nguyen at the Sugar Land Plastic Surgery Center is it. Dr. Nguyen has the most innovative technique that no other physician I’ve researched performs. And the proof is in the results. My breasts look like they have implants- small ones (remember, I needed a redux!) and they are more beautiful than I could have ever even imagined. I have been self-conscious since the time I had breasts, and not only were they very big but they were also EXTREMELY asymmetrical. Imagine trying to find bras that fit. This was not only evident to me, but to others. You could clearly see the asymmetry through my clothes. And if you have very large breasts or asymmetrical breasts, OR BOTH, you know that all the minimizers, inserts, tape, and anything else, can’t mask how you really feel inside. The physical strain on your body (especially as you get older) eventually outweighs even the emotional distress. But Dr. Nguyen is not just a physician, he’s an artist. This past January, my life literally changed. Not only do I have no more neck/back pain, but my clothes fit the way they’re supposed to fit. Bras are not intimidating anymore but are a pleasure to buy. But the most rewarding of all is my sense of self-worth has changed, and although I wish I would have decided to do this procedure 10 years ago, I know I was supposed to meet Dr. Nguyen and he was going to change my life. From the time I walked in to discuss the procedure with Lea, who was so warm and unassuming, and just a pleasure, to the time I was in the operating room with his nurses, I was treated with dignity and respect and that’s how you want to be treated when you feel very vulnerable. Tina, April, Ky-Leigh, and Chris, have all made me feel so wonderful each time I have come in for Botox and fillers AND they are very knowledgeable about skin care. It’s literally a one-stop shop for beautifying yourself. I will continue to come here for Botox, fillers, and any other procedures I decide to have in the future. Thank you, Dr. Nguyen, and your wonderful staff for always making me feel like I’m the only patient in the office.- Sarah C.


Dr. Nguyen,
Thank you so much for my breast augmentation surgery. I’ve always considered having surgery, but only wanted to go through with the surgery with a doctor I could trust and who personally cares about their client. I especially wanted to choose a doctor who had experience with fitness competitors. Being a competitor myself, I wanted something natural that didn’t take away from my overall physique. The results were amazing and I was back to the gym in NO time! Since the surgery, I’ve competed in two competitions and currently getting ready for another.- Ashley

I typically don’t write reviews, but I feel Dr. John Nguyen is such an exceptional doctor. I suffered with pain in my face and head for years but no-one could tell me what the cause was. After meeting with a dermatologist, she realized that I had cysts in my face, mostly in my chin which could be pressing on nerves, causing the pain. She did not want to remove it in fears of leaving a bad scar and she said that she could not burn the root to prevent it from coming back. My dermatologist advised me to see Dr. John Nguyen. Upon entering his facility, I knew I would be in good hands. His staff was wonderful and his office is simply amazing! As soon as I began speaking with Dr. Nguyen, I felt comfortable asking him questions and he explained the entire procedure to me. Knowing that I was having surgery on my chin, I asked about my fat pad under my chin. I always hated the fact that I could lose weight everywhere else but all the photos of my face would look like I was 50 pounds heavier! He said the pad may have to be removed anyways due to the cysts and he would further liposuction the chin area to get the face to be more defined.

The biggest concern I had about the surgery was that I could not take pain killers or muscle relaxers after the surgery. I’m just too sensitive to pain killers and would like to heal naturally with vitamins and minerals. He was also appreciative of this approach. After speaking to Dr. Nguyen and his staff, I was confident about my decision to have the surgery. He immediately put me on vitamins prior to the surgery and right after the surgery. The day of the surgery, he put me at ease and we even shared a few laughs before the surgery which helped me calm down. After surgery, his wonderful staff contacted me to make sure I was healing well. I had the surgery on a Thursday and was back at work the following Monday! I was not in pain, and healed well. I just did a photoshoot and felt confident. No-one can tell I had the procedure and had stitches on my face and chin!

If you are looking for a compassionate doctor who knows how to bring out the best in you, look no further. Dr. Nguyen and his staff will treat you well and make sure your experience is nothing but great. I interviewed other surgeons and they were arrogant, not willing to listen to my concerns, and less skilled than Dr. Nguyen. I know paying out of pocket for procedures is tough, I did it as a single mom! Spend your resources wisely and give Dr. Nguyen and his staff a chance to meet with you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with your experience!

– S. P.


Dr. Nguyen,

In the fitness world we never know how our bodies will change. Because of my breast augmentation my journey has become more positive. From the beginning you made me feel comfortable, relaxed and trusting in your practice. Your staff was wonderful in making sure everything ran smoothly and answered any questions and concerns I had. I can’t recommend a better doctor to my friends, family and others. I truly believe it was the best decision I ever made. You’re simply the best! Thank you for everything.



Dr. Nguyen,

Hi Dr. Nguyen! It’s Ayana Mack from MIX 96.5! I am all healed and recovered now and I must say words can’t begin to express my gratitude for what you have done for me. Before having my child I had what I call my high school body. As you saw, my post baby body wasn’t so hot. I worked out and ate right but was never able to get that old body back. I began researching doctors and various procedures and even had multiple consultations but I never truly felt comfortable enough to go ahead with surgery. After meeting you and discussing my options, there was something in me that just felt like this was right. You were so compassionate and genuine, you gave me your honest opinion and you were extremely thorough. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that you were the doctor for me and my transformation.

It has been a few months now since my surgery and I’m feeling and looking better than ever. I have a flat tummy, my breasts are back where they were in high school and my family’s famous mustache is gone forever! I get so many compliments and most importantly, I look natural! You and your support staff over-exceeded my expectations from beginning to end. You even gave me your cell to call or text at anytime because you knew I was a worry-wart! I truly felt and still feel like I am a part of the family at Sugarland Plastic Surgery so much so that I have referred family members and friends! My mom has already scheduled her laser! I know they will all feel the same sense of calmness and security that I did. I can never thank you enough for the new life and image you have given me. You have truly been gifted and I can promise you that you will always be my body’s surgeon…especially once I start getting up there in years and things start shifting again!

A Million Thanks!

Ayana Mack


Dr. Nguyen,

I wanted to sincerely thank you for my breast augmentation surgery. This was a decision that I had pondered for nine years with many different surgeons. Once I met you, even the very first time, I felt a sense of warmth, compassion and uncanny professionalism that I hadn’t felt before. You made me feel at ease with all that was involved, while still paying attention to my needs.

Your bedside manners were incredible – you managed to keep me at ease while telling me jokes 5 minutes before surgery. Now, that is some skill, doc…..You are a surgeon with a sense of humor and a very non-egotistical nature, and that’s few and far between (haha)! After my surgery, I just couldn’t believe the results!! I have 20 friends that have used many different doctors, and if I don’t say so myself, mine look FAR better than theirs! You truly are an “artist,” as the nurses labeled you at the hospital. You are definitely one of a kind as a surgeon and as a person.

I have to say this experience has been life changing and it would have NEVER happened without you. I feel complete now, and it’s all because of you and your wonderful staff. You are one of a kind!

Thank you again!



Dr. Nguyen,

Thank you for revising my breasts and making them look so natural and beautiful! Switching from saline to silicone implants and choosing YOU as my new surgeon was the best decision I could have made. I love my new breasts and I love my lips! I couldn’t ask for more of a talented and caring surgeon. Thank you Dr. Nguyen!



I was always scared to move forward in any way shape or form in the direction of changing my natural looks. Dr. Nguyen not only made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the whole procedure, but my results came out to look more natural than my natural self… If that makes any sense! He is a perfectionist and an artist. He also will not alter your look if it isn’t in your best interest or you don’t need it. Some doctors will try to get you to upgrade, go bigger, and try to make more money off you, where as Dr. Nguyen is more about the art of it and making people feel better about themselves than when they walked into the door. He also stays in touch with his patients to make sure they are still happy and this is also reassuring!Laura


Dr. Nguyen,

I am extremely pleased with my new beautiful breasts. Your surgical skills left me with a natural look and virtually no scars. I now feel more confident both inside and out. From the consultation to the post care appointments, you offered a compassionate attitude. My expectations were well exceeded and I cannot thank you enough!



I was referred to Sugarland Plastic Surgery by friends because their skin looked amazing! I had to try a microdermabrasion and the Dermesse products. It was my first microderm and it went great. Brittany was gentle with me and very informative about the process and what to expect. My skin was so soft and smooth afterward, especially after I used Dermesse products. I used to be a proactive user or buy drug-store cleansers. I’m officially a convert. The products are gentle enough for my sensitive skin and my face has never looked better!



I came to Dr. Nguyen looking to correct a previous procedure that was performed by another Houston area surgeon. Dr. Nguyen really spent the time to understand my desired results. He surpassed my expectations with his care and expertise. The entire staff was incredible and made me feel at ease every step of the way. No words can express my gratitude. I have my “pre-baby” body back along with an incredible boost in self confidence that truly would not have been possible without his help! I would highly recommend he and his staff to everyone!

All the best,



Dr. Ngyuen

I just want to thank you for the way you have made me feel better by the way you sit with me and take your time to explain each procedure I get and make me feel comfortable and also beautiful.

I have been with Dr. Ngyuen for three years now. It started with Botox. My sister was getting married and had a little line I wanted gone. I had made appointments with other Surgeons and quickly realized that they just didn’t care I was just another patient.

The staff at Sugar Land Plastic Surgery made me feel warm, comfortable, and welcome.

I have had my lips, fillers, and Botox. I have scheduled my appointment for a breast augmentation. There is no one else I would trust his attention to detail is what I love.

Thank you guys again for making me look and feel fabulous all the the time inside and out.

Katherine Sinisterra


Dr. Nguyen,

I want to sincerely THANK YOU for your amazing work in my transformation! You have literally helped me CHANGE MY LIFE! I have not only gained confidence in myself and in my body but I have also gained the confidence to walk on stage and compete in a bikini and heels at the age of 47!

You and your staff have been so great to work with and I literally could not thank you enough!

With continued hard work, I am looking forward to even more results and a better physique to come!

Thanks again,

Sheila 🙂


After submitting my email and phone number online for a consultation I received a call within the same week to set up an appointment. As soon as I walked through the door I knew this was the place for me. Been wanting a breast augmentation for years. I’ve always backed out just because of uncertainty/fear. When I had my consult with Dr. Nguyen I knew he was the surgeon for me. He and his whole staff have been so warm and welcoming and I had confidence he would take great care of me. Dr. Nguyen and his staff are great. Had my breast augmentation with him 3 months ago and it went over smoothly, no pain, no complications. I’m so happy I trusted him. I love my results and would recommend him to anyone!!



I highly recommend Dr. Nguyen for any of your cosmetic needs/wants. He is so kind and very friendly his staff is AWESOME!! They always greet you with a smile and ensure that you feel welcomed. I had breast augmentation and a tummy tuck with lipo to flanks and upper & lower abdomen (he even did lipo over my pubic area to make everything even) spring break 2015. I was showing off my new body in DR 6/20/15.

Dr. Nguyen gave me his cell # for any problems/concerns okay have had post op. That night around midnight I called. He returned my call within minutes and was very pleasant.

Any time I had a concern I picked up the phone and called the office and was able to come in for evaluation to alleviate any concern I had. I was soooo nervous about every little But my questions and concerns were always answered and addressed in a very kind and professional way, by the lovely staff and Dr Nguyen. I must say, Dr. Nguyen makes you feel & look like you’re the best thing going!!

Since then, I’ve had microdermabrasions, chemical peels, laser hair reduction (neck, underarms, upper lip and now lower legs). And I must say, it takes a very special kind of technician to deal with me.. Lol. I’m always treated with kindness, respect and a LOT OF PATIENCE.

If you’re looking for a place with top notch results AND personable skills, Sugar Land Plastic Surgery is the place to go!!



I knew on my first consultation with Dr. nguyen that he was my surgeon for my breast augmentation. My experience with him was nothing short of amazing, he was professional yet warm and friendly. He took the time to talk to me about all of my concerns and explained throughly about the procedure. The OR team/staff were completely amazing. Brett the OR Nurse was very compassionate and caring. A huge thank you to April for referring me to the best plastic surgeon in Houston, TX. I’m extremely happy with my results and thank you for making my life beautiful again!


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