Dear Dr. Nguyen,

I knew you were special when I left my consultation. You had the right answer for every question I asked. You were my 3rd consultation after searching through hundreds of choices. You stood out because you didn’t rush me in and out of your office. Today almost 6 weeks after the surgery I am even more thankful that I chose you to perform my surgery because I have the waist and stomach I had 17 years ago before I had my children. I can’t explain what you have given back to me. All I know is I went to you only wanting to lose my stomach fat yet I gained improved balance, perfect posture, and a figure that even women compliment me on. Your work is like art and your words come from wisdom.

Thank you for your patience, your hard work, your caring of my recovery and an awesome staff. Your workmanship is spot on and the results are priceless. Thank you Dr. Nguyen and know that for me, you weren’t the only option but you are the best option. See you soon!