Dear Dr. Nguyen,

Like many people, I was on a quest to get plastic surgery and was extremely cautious as I knew I only wanted to take ONE chance to undergo the surgery I desired, and most of all, “get it right.”

My profession in the beauty industry gives me a keen eye for detail, skill and people who have a passion for their work. After carefully interviewing several of the BEST PLASTIC SURGEONS in Houston, I found myself at your Sugar Land office. My consultation with you confirmed that you were the perfect plastic surgeon for me. You have the passion, knowledge and credentials that I was in search of. I laugh now because I know I must have asked you a zillion questions. Yet, I have absolutely no regrets because every time I look in the mirror, I see the confirmation of your expertise.

Becoming a recent “Picasso” of yours has brought a wonderful rejuvenation aesthetically and within me. Thank you, Dr. Nguyen, so much for super-ceding my plastic surgery expectations. Also, your office and surgery staff members rendered top-notch service. I am tremendously grateful for your blessed talent and knowledge of plastic surgery.

God has blessed you with the best pair of skilled hands a surgeon could have and a patient could benefit from!