OMG, This Fabulous young man, Dr. G.T. (gifted and talented – I am a teacher), has definitely been given several gifts from God!!!!! He has a personality that makes you feel like a friend, a disposition that puts you at ease, and his talents/artistical gifts are neverending. I am so blessed to have found him, and so thankful that I put my “youth” in his hands. I had my upper/lower eyes done along with a facelift, and I can’t even begin to express how psyched I am about the decision!!! Maybe others might say that I shouldn’t have taken on more debt, but instead of a fancy car or some other expense, I invested in ME, and I Thank God for the decision and his guidance. I cannot even begin to praise this man, as well as his wonderful, amazing, beautiful, etc. staff enough. Go, Go, Go, Go!!!! Even if you’re not up for surgery, Dr. Nguyen and crew have so many things to offer.