Dear Dr. Nguyen,

I wanted to thank you for your beautiful work. My breast reduction surgery is a complete success. I am amazed at how perfect the result is.

When I first spoke with you I was hoping to achieve pain relief and increased comfort and activity level. You achieved so much more! My posture is much improved as is my confidence and self esteem. I can run again… I can run again!!! I haven’t run since high school. I know this increase in activity will make me a healthier person as well as further improving my appearance thru weight loss.

Your desire for a perfect result, attention to your patients’ goals and the creation of a completely natural look made for a wonderful result.

I went thru the procedure and recovery with no pain and very little discomfort. By the next day I was up and around and even working a bit from home. Within a week I was back at work at 100% and feeling and looking great. Incredible!

Additionally the kindness and responsiveness that you and your team showed me is much appreciated. I felt immediately at ease during our initial consultation and all of my questions were immediately addressed thru the entire process.

I feel so wonderful about my new look. My only wish is that I’d met you earlier so that I would have felt this great years ago.

Thank you for your work, your kindness and for my beautiful result!