Dr. Nguyen,
It has been less than a month since you performed my surgical procedures. I received the before and after photo’s last night and I officially declare you a “miracle worker”. I am pleased with the results of my procedures on an even greater level than I anticipated. The procedures, and your attentiveness to detail, resulted in the appearance of years taken off the physical aspect of my face and body. I previously looked in the mirror and the reflection I looked upon did not match the way I felt inside of myself. I no longer avoid mirrors; I now appear as I feel inside, young and healthy.

The personal care that I experienced beginning with Ofelia and Shelby during my consultation and continuing through my follow up visits were amazing. I personally have never experienced the level of attentiveness from any area of the medical profession similar to the care you and your staff consistently delived. I did not take the task of selecting a plastic surgeon lightly. I dedicated much time and energy into extensive research and have not regretted my choice for a moment. I was impressed with your credentials and the initial impression conveyed by your staff, however, once at the surgical facility my conversations with the professionals in the field regarding your approach and the result of your work concreted my security in knowing I had selected the best in the field.

I have a very positive mind set regarding my experience with breast augmentation and liposuction. I am usually slow to give any referrals to friends due to differing expectations. I have referred you and your staff to several close friends and my adult daughter as well. As a mother, you know you have confidence in another’s abilities if you are comfortable placing your child in their care.

God Bless you,