Dr. Nguyen is amazing! From my first visit I was extremely satisfied with the facility and the staff. All of the ladies were friendly and knowledgeable of every question I had. Dr. Nguyen was very understanding of what I wanted done and the goal I had in mind. I’ve always been very top heavy, having shoulder and back pain and very low self confidence of my body. Since my reduction surgery, I have had no pain and my self confidence has improved so much! I wish I would have done this years ago! Surgery went great, no problems, and again the staff was awesome, put me at ease and took my nervousness away! I did experience pain a bout of extreme pain about 5 days after surgery and did not know what to do. I can for sure say that Dr. Nguyen really cares for his patients, even taking my phone calls while he was at the airport! He was very understanding and took the time to speak to me and calm my concerns which I really appreciated so much. Each of my follow up visits I scheduled were just as great, and he took the time to explain everything to me. I truly had an amazing experience with Dr. Nguyen! Thank you everyone all so much for providing such a great experience!