Before meeting Dr. John Nguyen, and his staff, I had already been to 2 other consultations over the process of a year. The confidence he gave me when I consulted with him is what motivated me to continue with my choice to try and regain my old self back. I knew that even though I was going to the gym and trying to lose this disgusting belly fat, it wasn’t working in my favor! I was able to take a couple of selfies before I went into surgery and managed to get another the day after and 3 weeks post op. I had a full tummy tuck, hip lift, and lipo and my results have been nothing short of amazing!! I had to share this with anyone interested in a procedure like this. Recovery is surely no cake walk but being able to see what I see daily makes the experience much to be thankful for! Dr. Nguyen, my stomach abs haven’t felt like this in my life and my stomach is better looking at 41 that it was at 21! Thank you for giving me the confidence and gorgeous results. I’m starting my 40’s feeling and looking more fabulous than ever!! You truly are an amazing surgeon, an incredible caring person, and a genius at work!! Your staff is right up there with you!!