Natural… That’s the best way to describe the artistry Dr. John T. Nguyen performs on his patients. He sees the body as his canvas, and what he does is nothing less than amazing! Dr. Nguyen has been working with me for over three years now, and I have yet to see one person not react in utter surprise when they find out I am 56 years old. My process began simple with Botox, fillers and Microdermabrasion’s to brighten my skin. After seeing his work I booked a procedure. After my first experience I completed a full process with him, including a breast augmentation. In the end I have had my entire body artistically redesigned by Dr. Nguyen with a very natural result, easily removing 20 years from my looks. He has restored and elevated my confidence. I have never felt pressured to do anything more than I am comfortable with, and he will not do anything he feels you don’t need or would not benefit from. His excellent skills, care, professionalism and attention to details (to near perfection) are the best I have EVER experienced. To add to the overall experience, he has surrounded himself with some of the best office and surgical assistant staff. They are very welcoming and work hard to make you feel comfortable, all ready to help you in any way with your personal journey to a more beautiful you. I HIGHLY recommend Sugar Land Plastic Surgery. I don’t think of Dr. Nguyen as a Plastic Surgeon, I prefer to think of him as a ‘Body Artist’, being there is nothing plastic about what he does to the body. I love the natural results – I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!!