Did you know that our bodies temporarily go through an array of changes and transformations following any type of surgery? Fueling our bodies with key nutrients does not only aid in the healing process, but it can also significantly decrease recovery time. This is imperative for those who need to be back on their feet and get back to their daily routines quickly – or for those who just want to show off their new, fabulous self! Allowing your body to heal correctly will give you optimal results much faster; and at Sugar Land Plastic Surgery, we want to make sure you are as healthy as possible following surgery and otherwise.

We are so proud and excited to bring on our newest line of vitamins from VitaMedica! We now have 2 vitamin lines: VitaMedica Recovery, and VitaMedica Wellness. We’ll discuss both lines to better inform you on the key nutrients these formulas have to supports the healing process, as well as give you a better quality of life.

vita_RecoveryVitaMedica Recovery

The VitaMedica Recovery line is made up of several categories, which helps us individualize which products our patients will need in their specific situation. The most popular being the Arnica Montana line for bruising and inflammation. Arnica Montana is a European flowering plant that has been used for medicinal purposes for several centuries. It is best acclaimed for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Arnica Montana is crucial for more invasive surgeries but can also be extremely beneficial for less invasive treatments, like Botox® or Juvederm injections. Our Arnica Montana is medical grade and contains 30X the amount of healing nutrients when compared to a similar over the counter product. Our healing support program contains Arnica Montana, along with Bromelain and Quercetin. Bromelain is an enzyme found in the stem of a pineapple that has miraculous anti-inflammatory properties. Bromelain and Arnica Montana work synergistically to treat and heal up to twice as fast than taking nothing at all. If you are investing in your surgery, it is wise to add this into your treatment package for optimal recovery. We also have a relieving and soothing Arnica Montana topical cream which can be included in your package. At Sugar Land Plastic Surgery we want to make sure you have an optimal recovery process, and we want you to look your absolute best as SOON as possible; taking the proper supplements for recovery is super easy and well worth it!

Our full Recovery Support Program includes all three supplements (Clinical Support, Bromelain with Quercetin, and Arnica Montana 30X). This program is ideal for our older patients undergoing any type of surgery, and for all patients going through an extensive surgery. Extensive surgeries include a rhytidectomy, rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty, breast reduction & reconstruction, liposuction, and all body sculpting procedures. This program provides the perfect nutritional support for an ideal recovery!

vita_WellnessVitaMedica Wellness

VitaMedica has also brought on a wellness line for our patients. We want to make sure our patients look amazing from the inside out. That includes making sure you are getting all of the right nutrients, because when your insides are healthy, your outside shows it! It is so very important to stay at optimum health so that you can truly look and feel your best. Our wellness vitamin lines include:

  • Anti-Aging Formula
  • Clear skin Formula
  • Essentials Formula
  • Energy Support Formula
  • Bone Support Formula
  • Phytonutrient Complex Formula
  • Omega 3 Formulas
  • Probiotic-8
  • Healthy Skin Formula
  • Glucosamine Sulfate

Come speak to our Nutritionist to help pick out the perfect vitamin regimen for your individual needs!