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Microdermabrasion in Sugar Land – Houston Texas

How does it work?
The stimulated blood flow to the surface of the skin increases the oxygenation, causing an enhancement of cell renewal and collagen regrowth. The massaging action of the microdermabrasion treatment creates a flushing and cleansing effect below the skin surface resulting in a vibrant healthy appearance and complexion.

All skin types, as well as the following abnormalities can be treated:
Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation (brown spots), Aging skin, Sun-damaged skin, Acne (clogged pores and scars), Blemishes, Dry skin and Oily skin. Also proven in clinical studies to stimulate collagen regrowth.

A non-surgical, non-invasive process that offers safe and controlled skin abrasion. This procedure utilizes micro-crystals of a high medical grade, which are propelled at a high speed across the skin’s surface to abrade the skin’s tissue. Debris and used crystals are vacuumed into a sealed waste container, which is then disposed. This technique, also referred to as, “The Lunch-time Peel” by Vogue and Elle, is performed on an outpatient basis, is very quick, relatively painless and results are seen immediately. There is very limited downtime or side effects.

How many treatments will I need?
You will be given an assessment of the area to be treated and told the estimated number of treatments needed. Treatments are usually performed in six or more sessions with the first three treatments being performed once per week for three weeks straight and the next three treatments in two-week intervals.

Treatments typically take 10-30 minutes depending upon the area treated. A full-face may take approximately 50 minutes to complete. Maintenance treatments can be done every four to six weeks.

A more aggressive microdermabrasion treatment can be performed using the same system, but at a higher setting for the treatment of: post surgical scars, acne scars and melasma (skin pigmentation).

The more aggressive treatments are performed once per week for six weeks straight with the next six plus treatments performed one month later in two-week intervals. More aggressive treatments may take as long as an hour or so. Patients should comply with the recommended maintenance program to achieve full results.

What should I expect after each treatment?
Results are noticeable after the first treatment. Skin should appear light pink with a soft texture. More aggressive treatments may leave a reddish appearance for approximately 24 hours. Some patients may experience a light peeling after the more aggressive treatments. It is recommended that you spray or mist the treated area with cool water immediately following the treatment. It is also recommended that you go without cosmetic makeup; however, patients may apply cosmetic makeup after treatment over a non-irritating moisturizer. You should avoid the sun for 24 hours after treatment and when exposed to the sun use an SPF 28 sunscreen. Normal activities can be resumed immediately.


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