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John T. Nguyen, MD, FACS, FICS
 Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Dr Nguyen and his team are amazing. I had been to other consults before and there was no competition when meeting Dr Nguyen. He made me feel comfortable and really listened to my goals. He was also always available for any questions I had. I never had to deal with answering machines and always got very fast response to emails. The day of my procedure could not have gone any better and my recovery was fast. Dr Nguyen was also available via his own cell phone for my recovery! I am now fully recovered and the outcome is perfect! Exactly what I wanted! I am absolutely pleased with his work and I have already recommended him to friends and family. A friend of mine that has had plastic surgery done by another doctor asked for Dr Nguyen’s info to refer a friend of hers asking where to go! 5 star satisfied for sure!!

– Melissa S.

Natural… That’s the best way to describe the artistry Dr. John T. Nguyen performs on his patients. He sees the body as his canvas, and what he does is nothing less than amazing! Dr. Nguyen has been working with me for over three years now, and I have yet to see one person not react in utter surprise when they find out I am 56 years old. My process began simple with Botox, fillers and Microdermabrasion’s to brighten my skin. After seeing his work I booked a procedure. After my first experience I completed a full process with him, including a breast augmentation. In the end I have had my entire body artistically redesigned by Dr. Nguyen with a very natural result, easily removing 20 years from my looks. He has restored and elevated my confidence. I have never felt pressured to do anything more than I am comfortable with, and he will not do anything he feels you don’t need or would not benefit from. His excellent skills, care, professionalism and attention to details (to near perfection) are the best I have EVER experienced. To add to the overall experience, he has surrounded himself with some of the best office and surgical assistant staff. They are very welcoming and work hard to make you feel comfortable, all ready to help you in any way with your personal journey to a more beautiful you. I HIGHLY recommend Sugar Land Plastic Surgery. I don’t think of Dr. Nguyen as a Plastic Surgeon, I prefer to think of him as a ‘Body Artist’, being there is nothing plastic about what he does to the body. I love the natural results – I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!!

– Maryann

Dr. Nguyen is amazing! From my first visit I was extremely satisfied with the facility and the staff. All of the ladies were friendly and knowledgeable of every question I had. Dr. Nguyen was very understanding of what I wanted done and the goal I had in mind. I’ve always been very top heavy, having shoulder and back pain and very low self confidence of my body. Since my reduction surgery, I have had no pain and my self confidence has improved so much! I wish I would have done this years ago! Surgery went great, no problems, and again the staff was awesome, put me at ease and took my nervousness away! I did experience pain a bout of extreme pain about 5 days after surgery and did not know what to do. I can for sure say that Dr. Nguyen really cares for his patients, even taking my phone calls while he was at the airport! He was very understanding and took the time to speak to me and calm my concerns which I really appreciated so much. Each of my follow up visits I scheduled were just as great, and he took the time to explain everything to me. I truly had an amazing experience with Dr. Nguyen! Thank you everyone all so much for providing such a great experience!

– Kristi

From the first consultation with Dr. Nguyen, he and his staff have provided professional top-notch care. Each telephone conversation has been handled in a manner that makes me feel respected and valued as a person. The surgical staff was kind and knowledgeable. Dr. Nguyen and his staff live up to the expectation in care I value.

– J.M.

Dr. Nguyen performed my surgery, and it was a very wonderful experience. My life changed after having the procedure, and the results are amazing! My self-esteem was low, but now I feel great and I look great. Dr. Nguyen was excellent about listening carefully to my concerns and gave me his professional advice on what he thought would be the best option for me. I would highly recommend Dr. Nguyen to anyone who is currently seeking a plastic surgeon. He is truly passionate about his practice, and it shows in the results of his work. Thank you, Dr. Nguyen. You did a fantastic job!

– Delfina A.

Dear Dr. Nguyen,

I wanted to thank you for your beautiful work. My breast reduction surgery is a complete success. I am amazed at how perfect the result is.

When I first spoke with you I was hoping to achieve pain relief and increased comfort and activity level. You achieved so much more! My posture is much improved as is my confidence and self esteem. I can run again… I can run again!!! I haven’t run since high school. I know this increase in activity will make me a healthier person as well as further improving my appearance thru weight loss.

Your desire for a perfect result, attention to your patients’ goals and the creation of a completely natural look made for a wonderful result.

I went thru the procedure and recovery with no pain and very little discomfort. By the next day I was up and around and even working a bit from home. Within a week I was back at work at 100% and feeling and looking great. Incredible!

Additionally the kindness and responsiveness that you and your team showed me is much appreciated. I felt immediately at ease during our initial consultation and all of my questions were immediately addressed thru the entire process.

I feel so wonderful about my new look. My only wish is that I’d met you earlier so that I would have felt this great years ago.

Thank you for your work, your kindness and for my beautiful result!

– Sincerely, Amanda

Dear Dr. Nguyen and Staff,

There are no words that can express my appreciation for my experience with your office. From the professionalism, noticeable desire for perfection, and wonderful bedside manner, it’s evident that you truly care for your patients. Christina was so encouraging and helpful with my hospital arrangements. I feel that my family has grown two more members larger!

I am extremely pleased with the results of my tummy tuck and liposuction. It’s given me greater confidence in my appearance and increased my self-esteem. Everyday, I get compliments on my new figure.

Thank you for really “listening” to my concerns and making the right adjustments during surgery.

I’m so excited to see what the results will be over the next six months! So far…I love my new body.

– Sincerely, Michelle

Dr. Nguyen thanks you so much for your “awesome” work, patience and kindness. I am truly pleased and amazed with my NOW appearance (tummy tuck/breast lift). I look like a different person. Everyone I know has noticed the change immediately, not only the physical changes but the changes in the way I carry myself now too. My self-esteem has certainly risen. This magnificent body changes has also inspired me to start a consistent exercise program – I look and feel like a new me!

Christina thank you for your kindness, support and professionalism – I am so glad you were there.

I have recommended and will continue to recommend you. You have certainly made a change in my life and others want to know how I did it. I simply say “Dr. Nguyen did it for me”.

– Sincerely, W.S.R.

Dr. Nguyen,

Thank you very much for the beautiful work you have done for me! You definitely picked the right career for your Great Talents!

– Warm Regards, S.W.

Thank you for taking such excellent care of me! You are a wonderful physician!

– Sincerely, B. Baker

Dear Dr. Nguyen,

I want to thank you so much for everything you did for me. My nose, my breast are absolutely remarkable! I am so excited and have have had so many people ask me how did you get your new look? I have passed out probably 50 of your cards and will continue to recommend you to anyone who asks. You are wonderful at what you do and I am so thankful that I waited so long to do this because apparently I was waiting for you. Again, thank you for everything and I will definitely be seeing you again. One more thing, the nurses at the facility were so impressed that they are also telling their friends who are nurses about the wonderful job you did! I am so excited and everyday is better and better. Thanks so much for improving what I already had.

– Sincerely, L. Murphy

Dr. Nguyen,

I wanted to sincerely thank you for my breast augmentation surgery. This was a decision that I had pondered for nine years with many different surgeons. Once I met you, even the very first time, I felt a sense of warmth, compassion and uncanny professionalism that I hadn’t felt before. You made me feel at ease with all that was involved, while still paying attention to my needs.

Your bedside manners were incredible – you managed to keep me at ease while telling me jokes 5 minutes before surgery. Now, that is some skill, doc…..You are a surgeon with a sense of humor and a very non-egotistical nature, and that’s few and far between (haha)! After my surgery, I just couldn’t believe the results!! I have 20 friends that have used many different doctors, and if I don’t say so myself, mine look FAR better than theirs! You truly are an “artist,” as the nurses labeled you at the hospital. You are definitely one of a kind as a surgeon and as a person.

I have to say this experience has been life changing and it would have NEVER happened without you. I feel complete now, and it’s all because of you and your wonderful staff. You are one of a kind!

Thank you again!

– Erin K.

Dr. Nguyen,

All I can say is Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (first thank you is from me, the next one is from my husband, and the third thank you is from me again!) My results from the breast augmentation were spectacular thanks to your advice and skills! My experience through this process with you and your amazing staff has been nothing less than exceptional and my expectations where highly exceeded. From our first consultation I knew that I was in good hands (no pun intended). Your passion for what you do and the pride you take in your work was apparent from our very first conversation and left me feeling confident that you were the surgeon for me. AND YOUR RESULTS are off the charts! Thank you for everything, especially for the joy that I got trying on swimsuits the other day!! You rock!

– Best Regards, Tracy

I elected to have liposuction to achieve a curvier physique for my career as a professional model. I chose Dr. Nguyen to perform the procedure based, initially, on his affordable rates, clear knowledge and expertise, and the friendliness and helpfulness of Dr. Nguyen and his staff.

Six months later, I recommend Dr. Nguyen to EVERYONE, not only because I am absolutely THRILLED with the results, but also because of his warm bedside manner and the special attention he pays to each and every patient. I will use Dr. Nguyen for any and all procedures I choose to have in the future.

– Lisa B.

Dear Dr. Nguyen,

I knew you were special when I left my consultation. You had the right answer for every question I asked. You were my 3rd consultation after searching through hundreds of choices. You stood out because you didn’t rush me in and out of your office. Today almost 6 weeks after the surgery I am even more thankful that I chose you to perform my surgery because I have the waist and stomach I had 17 years ago before I had my children. I can’t explain what you have given back to me. All I know is I went to you only wanting to lose my stomach fat yet I gained improved balance, perfect posture, and a figure that even women compliment me on. Your work is like art and your words come from wisdom.

Thank you for your patience, your hard work, your caring of my recovery and an awesome staff. Your workmanship is spot on and the results are priceless. Thank you Dr. Nguyen and know that for me, you weren’t the only option but you are the best option. See you soon!

– Dawn

I want to THANK YOU Dr. Nguyen and your staff for everything!
Your bedside manner is awesome. You made me feel like I was very special. I was pleased from the first day I laid eyes on my new tummy. I want to give you a very special thank you for repairing my navel and incision after the car accident which happened nine days after the initial tummy tuck. My navel and incision look the same way it did with the first surgery. I can’t even tell that I was in an accident! I am very pleased with the results and look forward to the weeks and months to come. I have had so many compliments on my new figure. I pray that God will continue to bless your hands so that you can continue to bless others! A special
thanks to my new friend Jessica, thanks for all the support and your company during my pre-op, you’re great at what you do. 🙂

– Patrice

Dr. Nguyen,

First of all, I would like to thank you for such a wonderful job on my tummy tuck. I can’t believe I waited so long for this transformation. I love my flat stomach, and best of all, I LOVE my new belly button. I was very concerned about me having a natural looking “innie”, and you did the job!! That was the icing on the cake. I now look forward to wearing clothes that will flatter my figure.

Again, there are very few words that can truly express how you have made me feel. Thank you to you and your staff for such a great experience, and I am continuing to recommend this office to my friends for their transformation as well.

– With much gratitude, Yvonne C.

Dr. Nguyen,
It has been less than a month since you performed my surgical procedures. I received the before and after photo’s last night and I officially declare you a “miracle worker”. I am pleased with the results of my procedures on an even greater level than I anticipated. The procedures, and your attentiveness to detail, resulted in the appearance of years taken off the physical aspect of my face and body. I previously looked in the mirror and the reflection I looked upon did not match the way I felt inside of myself. I no longer avoid mirrors; I now appear as I feel inside, young and healthy.

The personal care that I experienced beginning with Ofelia and Shelby during my consultation and continuing through my follow up visits were amazing. I personally have never experienced the level of attentiveness from any area of the medical profession similar to the care you and your staff consistently delived. I did not take the task of selecting a plastic surgeon lightly. I dedicated much time and energy into extensive research and have not regretted my choice for a moment. I was impressed with your credentials and the initial impression conveyed by your staff, however, once at the surgical facility my conversations with the professionals in the field regarding your approach and the result of your work concreted my security in knowing I had selected the best in the field.

I have a very positive mind set regarding my experience with breast augmentation and liposuction. I am usually slow to give any referrals to friends due to differing expectations. I have referred you and your staff to several close friends and my adult daughter as well. As a mother, you know you have confidence in another’s abilities if you are comfortable placing your child in their care.

God Bless you,

– Kandice

If you are looking to make a transformation, Please take a moment to listen. Maybe you want a refined nose, a fantastic set of “twins,” Or a sexy new abdomen. Let me tell you he is more than a surgeon. God gives us all a talent within. His can be easily dubbed as a magician. He deserves his owm emblem. He even leaves no trace of the incisions. His personality is so outstanding and genuine. His wonderful staff Ophelia and Shelby, they complement him. They will take care of you from beginning to the end. I cannot wait to show and tell all my friends. His work exceeds perfection. He is at the top of Houston’s Best 10. If you want the best, look no further than him. His accolades, he deserves all of them. A billboard would still not be enough promotion for the happiness he has given me within. I hope he knows he has made a new friend. There is no one better at making a physical improvement
than the talented and superb Dr. John T. Nguyen. Thank you for all you do and I will be back again!

– T. West

Dear Dr. Nguyen,

Like many people, I was on a quest to get plastic surgery and was extremely cautious as I knew I only wanted to take ONE chance to undergo the surgery I desired, and most of all, “get it right.”

My profession in the beauty industry gives me a keen eye for detail, skill and people who have a passion for their work. After carefully interviewing several of the BEST PLASTIC SURGEONS in Houston, I found myself at your Sugar Land office. My consultation with you confirmed that you were the perfect plastic surgeon for me. You have the passion, knowledge and credentials that I was in search of. I laugh now because I know I must have asked you a zillion questions. Yet, I have absolutely no regrets because every time I look in the mirror, I see the confirmation of your expertise.

Becoming a recent “Picasso” of yours has brought a wonderful rejuvenation aesthetically and within me. Thank you, Dr. Nguyen, so much for super-ceding my plastic surgery expectations. Also, your office and surgery staff members rendered top-notch service. I am tremendously grateful for your blessed talent and knowledge of plastic surgery.

God has blessed you with the best pair of skilled hands a surgeon could have and a patient could benefit from!

– Sincerely, Mrs. K

My entire experience with Dr. Nguyen and his staff was fantastic. My abdominal muscles had separated after two pregnancies and my belly button needed repair after a hernia. He did such a wonderful job on my abdomen! I absolutely love my stomach and belly button! He is not only a very skilled surgeon, but also incredibly warm and caring. Thank you so much for making me feel so comfortable in this decision and leaving me with such beautiful results!

– Sincerely, K.E.

Dr. Nguyen,

Despite that I am only three weeks post-op, my friends have been quite impressed with the results of the surgical procedures you performed upon me. I have whole-heartedly recommended you to them. They have not only been impressed with the difference in my appearance but with the minimal amount of pain I have experienced with the breast augmentation as well as the extensive liposuction. The recovery process has been very easy; nothing like the horror stories some of my peers tell when relating their post-operative pain levels from liposuction performed by other surgeons.

Thank you for making such a positive change in my appearance and a BIG thank you for doing this in a manner that provided such an easy recuperation.

– Michelle

I had previously had breast augmentation by another Dr. While this Dr. was very prestigious, he left me extremely unsatisfied & in need of another surgery to fix the previous one. My breasts were about 2 inches apart and 2 inches too low 🙁

A friend of mine had her breasts done by Dr. Nguyen & could not praise his work enough. When I first met him he was very kind, gentle, attentive, and genuinely interested in my concerns. My previous breast augmentation needed a lift and to be pulled closer together. I was so worried & scared about having a breast lift because I did not want the scares from the “anchor lift”. I expressed my concerns to Dr. Nguyen & he said he would do what he could to avoid doing so.

The day of the surgery I was so scared I was shaking. Dr. Nguyen was very caring & understanding, he consoled my fears. When I woke up from surgery I was ecstatic to find out that he did a complicated inner lift where he lifted my breast with 60 stitches each. He was able to lift my breast without any extra outer incisions!!

Dr. Nguyen continues to check my progress & take the time to get to know me, unlike the previous Dr. who often had his head nurse meet with me instead of himself. Dr. Nguyen makes sure I am completely satisfied & healing well. I can honestly say I am SO VERY HAPPY with his work. I am finally confident with my body in a bikini after 3 years of feeling self doubt.

His staff is not only beautiful, but friendly & approachable too. I can’t express how glad I am that I listened to my friend & went to Dr. Nguyen for repair on my breasts. Most girls may not know they really CAN have the breasts they desire. Dr. Nguyen is incredible. I recommend him to any & everyone.

Truely thankful,

– Erin A.

Dr. Ngyuen,

I just want to thank you for the way you have made me feel better by the way you sit with me and take your time to explain each procedure I get and make me feel comfortable and also beautiful.

I have been with Dr. Ngyuen for three years now. It started with Botox. My sister was getting married and had a little line I wanted gone. I had made appointments with other Surgeons and quickly realized that they just didn’t care I was just another patient.

The staff at Sugar Land Plastic Surgery made me feel warm, comfortable, and welcome.

I have had my lips, fillers, and Botox. I have scheduled my appointment for a breast augmentation. There is no one else I would trust his attention to detail is what I love.

Thank you guys again for making me look and feel fabulous all the the time inside and out.

– Katherine S.

Hello Dr Nguyen and all the staff there,

I just want to take a minute to thank you for the wonderful care all of you too of me during my breast enhancement surgery and recovery. I am a 39 year old mother of 5 and I am so happy with my new look and wanted to say to all of you who are thinking about doing the same…GO FOR IT! I had been wanting to get implants for at least 20 yrs and I hesitated, yet spent enough money on the many pills that were suppose to give me the same results. Well anyway, I lost my mother a yr ago and one of the things I promised her was that I would finally live. The first thing I did was have this surgery and I have included some pics of me before and after my surgery for you to see that this has been a blessing for me. My self esteem has increased tremendously and looking at my pics you can see why. Again I want to say thank you and I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.

– Demetria W.

Dear Dr. Nguyen & Staff,

I want to thank you for helping me re-discover my confidence. You are wonderful doctor with skilled hands of an artist and a kind compassionate personality. The transformation of my body is absolutely amazing. In under 3 hrs surgery time + the weeks of recovery, your skilled eye reversed the trauma that my 2 pregnancies had on my body. I now have beautiful natural breast, a hour glass figure and six pack abs! What more could a girl ask for?

Your are also blessed to have surrounded yourself with such a sweet and talented staff. Thank you ladies for always making me feel comfortable every time I come to the office.

– Heather F.

My first experience with Dr. Nguyen and his staff was awesome! I was nervous going in for my first consultation, but the staff and Dr. Nguyen immediately made me feel comfortable and put my worries at ease. I had a bilateral breast lift and I am 100% happy with the results. Dr. Nguyen made sure to take his time so my breasts would be perfect. If I had any concerns or questions before or after surgery I was able to call and get answers right away. Dr. Nguyen and his staff are very professional and took care of me. If you are considering any plastic surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Nguyen!

Thank you to Dr. Nguyen for doing such awesome work, and thank you to the staff for all of your help before and after my surgery!

– K.H.


I wanted to thank you and let you know that the results of my surgery went above and beyond my expectations. Before the surgery I thought I would let my hair grow to hide the incisions while they healed but after seeing that even though it had only been 4 weeks after the surgery & they were barely visible under just regular make-up, the hair went. I am beyond thrilled with the results. I have no problem saying what I had done. I’ve had many compliments on how natural it looks and I tell everyone that asks who did my face “remodeling”. I even tell them before they ask!!! Thank you again Dr. Nguyen. My thanks also go to your staff. They answered all silly questions with the patience of saints. Again thank you, thank you!!!

– Julie P.

OMG, This Fabulous young man, Dr. G.T. (gifted and talented – I am a teacher), has definitely been given several gifts from God!!!!! He has a personality that makes you feel like a friend, a disposition that puts you at ease, and his talents/artistical gifts are neverending. I am so blessed to have found him, and so thankful that I put my “youth” in his hands. I had my upper/lower eyes done along with a facelift, and I can’t even begin to express how psyched I am about the decision!!! Maybe others might say that I shouldn’t have taken on more debt, but instead of a fancy car or some other expense, I invested in ME, and I Thank God for the decision and his guidance. I cannot even begin to praise this man, as well as his wonderful, amazing, beautiful, etc. staff enough. Go, Go, Go, Go!!!! Even if you’re not up for surgery, Dr. Nguyen and crew have so many things to offer.

– Hugs, Dana

Dr. Nguyen,

Hi Dr. Nguyen! It’s Ayana Mack from MIX 96.5! I am all healed and recovered now and I must say words can’t begin to express my gratitude for what you have done for me. Before having my child I had what I call my high school body. As you saw, my post baby body wasn’t so hot. I worked out and ate right but was never able to get that old body back. I began researching doctors and various procedures and even had multiple consultations but I never truly felt comfortable enough to go ahead with surgery. After meeting you and discussing my options, there was something in me that just felt like this was right. You were so compassionate and genuine, you gave me your honest opinion and you were extremely thorough. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that you were the doctor for me and my transformation.

It has been a few months now since my surgery and I’m feeling and looking better than ever. I have a flat tummy, my breasts are back where they were in high school and my family’s famous mustache is gone forever! I get so many compliments and most importantly, I look natural! You and your support staff over-exceeded my expectations from beginning to end. You even gave me your cell to call or text at anytime because you knew I was a worry-wart! I truly felt and still feel like I am a part of the family at Sugarland Plastic Surgery so much so that I have referred family members and friends! My mom has already scheduled her laser! I know they will all feel the same sense of calmness and security that I did. I can never thank you enough for the new life and image you have given me. You have truly been gifted and I can promise you that you will always be my body’s surgeon…especially once I start getting up there in years and things start shifting again!

A Million Thanks!

– Ayana M.

Dr. Nguyen,
Thank you for revising my breasts and making them look so natural and beautiful! Switching from saline to silicone implants and choosing YOU as my new surgeon was the best decision I could have made. I love my new breasts and I love my lips! I couldn’t ask for more of a talented and caring surgeon. Thank you Dr. Nguyen!

– Shelby

I was always scared to move forward in any way shape or form in the direction of changing my natural looks. Dr. Nguyen not only made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the whole procedure, but my results came out to look more natural than my natural self… If that makes any sense! He is a perfectionist and an artist. He also will not alter your look if it isn’t in your best interest or you don’t need it. Some doctors will try to get you to upgrade, go bigger, and try to make more money off you, where as Dr. Nguyen is more about the art of it and making people feel better about themselves than when they walked into the door. He also stays in touch with his patients to make sure they are still happy and this is also reassuring!

– Laura

Dr. Nguyen,
I am extremely pleased with my new beautiful breasts. Your surgical skills left me with a natural look and virtually no scars. I now feel more confident both inside and out. From the consultation to the post care appointments, you offered a compassionate attitude. My expectations were well exceeded and I cannot thank you enough!

– Brittany

I was referred to Sugarland Plastic Surgery by friends because their skin looked amazing! I had to try a microdermabrasion and the Dermesse products. It was my first microderm and it went great. Brittany was gentle with me and very informative about the process and what to expect. My skin was so soft and smooth afterward, especially after I used Dermesse products. I used to be a proactive user or buy drug-store cleansers. I’m officially a convert. The products are gentle enough for my sensitive skin and my face has never looked better!

– Lene

Dear Dr. John T. Nguyen,
From the time I decided to have my procedure done I was very apprehensive about it. But the deciding factor for me was being able to reach down and tie my shoes without gasping for breath in the process. No one I had known personally had ever received this kind of procedure. I did my research about the procedure and sought out the right Doctor for me. After my meeting you Dr. Nguyen I knew from that moment you were the one for me. Given your background in art I knew you would make sure that I was tummy- tucked and portrait ready. Now it has been exactly one year and I am very pleased with the outcome.

It has been my pleasure to have been cared for by the professionalism of you and your staff in the past year. Ofelia and the other ladies in your office made me feel as if I were a very important person. You and your staff motivated me with the confidence that I needed to feel good about myself. I appreciate that very much. Thank you for all you have done for giving me this beautiful flat tummy and keeping this smile on my face. Peace and Blessings.

– Sophia H.

A few years ago, I had broken my nose, and as a result, the airflow through my nose was constricted and I had a slight hump on the bridge of my nose. A friend recommended Dr. Nguyen, and after the examination, he told me that my right nostril had been entirely compacted, and surgery would be needed to fix the problem. That didn’t surprise me at all since I knew something definitely wasn’t working properly.

What surprised me was his response when I asked him about fixing the hump on the bridge of my nose. He told me that it wasn’t noticeable, and he himself hadn’t noticed it until I brought it to his attention. In short, it wasn’t something he’d recommend fixing. It says a lot about a person’s character when he’ll recommend a course of action that will actually prevent money from going into his pocket. The actual surgery and its aftermath were a breeze. Dr. Nguyen and his staff kept me well-informed.
Perhaps the best thing about Dr. Nguyen was his bedside manner. His nature is calm, patient, and reassuring. Throughout the whole decision-making process, no matter how indecisive I was before a consult, afterwards, I would leave with the feeling that I was in good hands and everything was going to be ok. Dr. Nguyen and his staff kept me well-informed and were very prompt in answering any question I had.

– Alan C.

Dr. Nguyen,

I want to sincerely THANK YOU for your amazing work in my transformation! You have literally helped me CHANGE MY LIFE! I have not only gained confidence in myself and in my body but I have also gained the confidence to walk on stage and compete in a bikini and heels at the age of 47!

You and your staff have been so great to work with and I literally could not thank you enough!

With continued hard work, I am looking forward to even more results and a better physique to come!

Thanks again,

– Sheila C.

I interviewed 4 plastic surgeons in the Sugarland area while gathering my due diligence for my abdominoplasty/lipo. Dr.Nguyen came recommended to me by my dermatologist. I was thoroughly impressed with his accreditations, website, and after my consultation I KNEW he was the right surgeon for me! He was kind, patient, and very skilled and knowledgeable. I was never rushed or pressured in any way.

I had my surgery on 11/20/2013 and I couldn’t be more pleased!!! He did an AWESOME job and I can not wait until bikini season! The team at Sugar Land Plastic Surgery is the ABSOLUTE best!!!!

– Lisa H.

Dr. Nguyen,
I wanted to personally thank you all for the professionalism and exceptional care that I received during my recent breast augmentation. I was a little nervous about the procedure but from the moment I met Dr. Nguyen I knew I had found the perfect surgeon. Not only that, but during my pre-op with Therese I received amazing skin care products and Vitamin Recovery Support supplements that helped me heal beautifully. The entire process was explained in full and I left feeling extremely confident and excited about my surgery. I am BEYOND thrilled about my results and I will definitely be spreading the word. Thank you again for everything!!!!

– Tay B.

I had a tummy tuck surgery done by Dr. Nguyen almost a year ago. He did a great job, it was worth every penny and time. The Sugar Land Plastic Surgery staff is as good as its doctor. They were helpful throughout from the beginning to the end.

I took my vacation in Miami and was walking on the beach shirtless and it felt great. I would have never taking a vacation to the beach if it wasn’t for the surgery.

I am very happy with the results and grateful to Sugar Land Plastic Surgery. Thank you for everything.

– Santos

Dear Dr. Nguyen & Staff,
There are not enough words to describe my content and satisfaction in the service and care I received from you. After years of contemplating a breast augmentation, I finally decided to pursue it, and your staff exceeded all of my expectations. I am fully satisfied with my body and I finally feel like a REAL woman! Dr. Nguyen was always so cool, calm, and collected; and for a worry-wart like myself, it was truly comforting to have him there before my surgery. When talking to my friends, I am always bragging on your team and my AMAZING results. Thank you tremendously!

– Allyson T.

Where to start! I can’t say enough about Dr. Nguyen and his staff. From the moment I walked into his facility, I was impressed. It is clean and beautifully designed and my first impression was that he is modern and up to date. I like to know that the doctor who is going to operate on me is well qualified and up to date on the latest techniques so that I will get the best and most natural results. I choose to have several procedures done at once and because of this I wanted to be sure that I was fully informed and confident about Dr. Nguyen and his experience. I ended up having three consultations and I made several phone calls to ask questions before and after the surgery and not once did I ever feel rushed or as though I was a pain in the butt. The surgical center is very clean and the nurses were wonderful there too. However, the best part is that he did a great job on everything, my nose, mini facelift, and full body liposuction. In most situations a doctor is very good at one part of the human body but Dr. Nguyen did an amazing job on all three of my procedures. I love every one of them and I still look like me but better. My nose was a bit of a challenge because it had been broken when I was young and he ended up spending an extra hour in surgery just repairing an old break. So he ended up doing reconstruction on me as well. I can’t say enough about his work and how wonderful and caring he is. Now that I have completed the scary part going through with the procedures, I am so happy that I did it and that I choose Dr. Nguyen, he did a great job. Thank you Dr. Nguyen and staff you have all been amazing.

– F.M.

Dr. John T. Nguyen is an absolute GENIUS! I had a tummy tuck with some body sculpting and I love my results! He is the best! I had my procedure done in 04/2013 so it s been a little over 9 months. I have lost 31 pounds. I have been shrinking and shrinking. He the best Plastic Surgeon and his staff is great! Not only are they drop dead gorgeous, but they are ALL so nice and helpful. From being greeted at the front desk by Tina or Heather with a smile to the other girls assisting in picking out products that are just right for my needs. Thank you Lea, Therese, Ofelia and Amber for all of your help. I did a lot of research before I had my procedure done. I also went to the consultations and by far, Dr. Nguyen was the best. He made me feel so comfortable when he examined me. I had actually left crying from other consultations with other doctors because the doctor made me feel like I was deformed (his works). He gave me hope and said I would love my results and he was right. I LOVE LOVE LOVE DR. NGUYEN and HIS STAFF! I CAN T THANK YOU ENOUGH!

– Denise

I love my results and I was very skeptic at first because I had heard so many horror stories. Dr. Nguyen and his staff are very nice and informative, so there were no worries. Even though I think I have acted like a baby some of the time they answered all my questions and catered to my needs. I appreciate them to the fullest.

– S.S.

You can not ask for a better Doctor and the most professional staff. Dr. Nguyen exceeded my expections. He is very patient, professional and has a great bedside manner. He explains the procedure very thoroughly. I recommend him highly.

– Stephine

I am VERY pleased and excited about my new look! And, I keep changing more and more every day. Dr. Nguyen did an amazing job on my lift, augmentation and tummy tuck! The entire staff is so helpful and supportive. I feel and look amazing! Thank you, Dr. Nguyen! 🙂

– Sheila

Such an amazing staff here at Sugar Land Plastic Surgery. I accompany my girlfriend at all of her follow ups and the staff continues to welcome us every time. The staff is so well educated, informative and professional. Dr. Nguyen did a great job on my girlfriend’s breast augmentation. Her size is just perfect for her body. She looks amazing. We went to other consultations in the Sugar Land area and the staff does not compare to the girls here at this office. Dr. Nguyen is a great surgeon. We recommend him to all of our friends and family.

– Josef S.

As someone who has struggled with acne issues for years, finding Therese at Sugarland Plastic Surgery has been a dream! After numerous dermatologist visits, experimenting with numerous skincare products and dealing with painful extractions I have finally found someone who has correctly analyzed my skin and is now helping me correct it. I will continue to work with her as I am FINALLY seeing the results I have been wanting so badly for so long! I highly recommend Dr Nguyen and his staff.

– Mal M.

I researched several plastic surgeons for my procedure. When I met Dr. Nguyen and his staff, they were very polite, professional and friendly. Dr. Nguyen was so knowledgeable and nice. He has an aura about him that makes you feel at ease and reassured. He made me feel comfortable and positive about my choices. The procedure went really well and I am so pleased with the results. He told me exactly what to expect during and after the procedure. My recovery time was really good and included office visits to check on the progression. Dr. Nguyen has changed my life for the better. My appearance has changed so dramatically and my self esteem has soared!!! I look and feel AMAZING!!!

– Jeanetter M.

Dr. Nguyen and his staff is so nice and helpful. I had my procedure in Dec 2012 and I’m so happy with my results. I called and had questions after my procedure and the staff ensured me that I’m okay. I would highly recommend Dr Nguyen. I will be using him if I decide to have another procedure. He listens and answer all the questions. He makes sure you fully understand before leaving his office. The office is nice, clean, comfortable, and well lit. I have no complaints. Everything is positive!! Thanks Sugarland Plastic Surgery.

– Yvette D.

The entire experience of getting my rhinoplasty done at Sugar Land Plastic Surgery has been wonderful, from start to finish. Not only is Dr. Nguyen excellent in his “bedside” manner, he helps incorporate your vision into a medical plan to make you look and feel great. Add to that the fact that his ENTIRE staff is very friendly and well-versed in all of the procedures offered, and the process becomes informed and seamless. Most importantly, Dr. Nguyen delivers results—I love my “new nose,” and the confidence has really spread to all areas of my life. I would definitely recommend Sugar Land Plastic Surgery to anyone considering taking that step.

– Robert

I’m so happy that I chose Dr. Nguyen to do my breast reduction & lift. From the second you meet this Dr. you know he really cares about what you want to do and asks every question possible to make sure he knows. One thing that is really nice is you can take as much time as you need on any visit to ask as many questions as you like – he does not hurry you or act like he wants to get out of there. His office & surgical centers are so very clean and all of the nurses and assistants are fabulous. They actually care about how you are doing and are so happy to see your transformations, whatever they may be. Dr. Nguyen’s personality is great and so much fun! No stuffiness or arrogance here at all! I have referred several of my friends and they feel the same way – chose him over all others they saw.

– Ruth B.

Before meeting Dr. John Nguyen, and his staff, I had already been to 2 other consultations over the process of a year. The confidence he gave me when I consulted with him is what motivated me to continue with my choice to try and regain my old self back. I knew that even though I was going to the gym and trying to lose this disgusting belly fat, it wasn’t working in my favor! I was able to take a couple of selfies before I went into surgery and managed to get another the day after and 3 weeks post op. I had a full tummy tuck, hip lift, and lipo and my results have been nothing short of amazing!! I had to share this with anyone interested in a procedure like this. Recovery is surely no cake walk but being able to see what I see daily makes the experience much to be thankful for! Dr. Nguyen, my stomach abs haven’t felt like this in my life and my stomach is better looking at 41 that it was at 21! Thank you for giving me the confidence and gorgeous results. I’m starting my 40’s feeling and looking more fabulous than ever!! You truly are an amazing surgeon, an incredible caring person, and a genius at work!! Your staff is right up there with you!!

– Cori C.

Dear Dr. John Nguyen and Staff,

I can honestly say meeting you and your staff has been a life changing event for me. I have always prided myself on taking care of my skin and body, believing I can fix my image myself through discipline of good nutrition and exercise. As you have become to know me, my chosen profession has never been a good medium to promote my overall expectations.

Through you, I have been introduced to a great method of expressing my artistic nature, allowing me to participate in sculpting my body to suppress the aging process I have dreaded for years. I feel my confidence soaring as time passes, and I appreciate the reflection I see in the mirror.

Dr. Nguyen you are the ‘Body Artist’! You take pride in perfection, capitalizing on one’s best features, and then bringing them to life as though time reversed more than 20 years. Your attention to detail creates a near flawless, natural look, which is important to me. I have been amazed by the changes as each week passes, and look forward to the end result! While you are the best part of this formula, you have managed to bring the entire experience to a whole different level by surrounding yourself with the best staff. They are a reflection of your compassion, professionalism and excellence, true perfectionists at heart as well.

I always feel so comfortable and welcomed when I’m in your office. How fortunate for me I have been blessed to have our path’s cross!

Thank you for making this moth feel like a butterfly!

– Thank You, Maryann

Dr. Nguyen and all of the staff and Sugar Land Plastic Surgery have made the entire experience an absolute joy. Their enthusiasm and the desire to make everyone comfortable and satisfied really shines through. I came looking for a medical correction breast reduction and tummy tuck and came out with a beautiful result that I never thought was possible. I will recommend Dr. Nguyen and his staff to EVERYONE I know.

– M.R.

I had a consultation with another plastic surgeon in the area and I literally felt degraded, I went out to the car and cried. On the contrary, Dr. Nguyen and his staff were very professional in every step of the process. The facility is immaculate and I hardly saw another patient outside the waiting room. As a nurse, I respect the need for privacy and they were definitely that. I am very pleased with my surgery and the outcome! I have so much confidence now with his help. I would highly recommend Dr. Nguyen and Sugar Land Plastic Surgery in every way.

– Love, Racheal

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