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Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) in Sugar Land – Houston TX

Common after weight loss or as part of the aging process, the skin along the underside of the upper arm can become loose and flabby, taking on the appearance of a “bat wing”. To restore tone and reshape the under portion of the upper arm, an Arm Lift procedure removes excess skin and fat, resulting in a toned, firmer and more youthful looking upper arm.

You may be a candidate for an Arm Lift if

  • You are in good overall health.
  • You have an extra skin along the underside of your upper arms.

The Procedure

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. In the most extreme form of arm lift, an incision is made from the arm pit to the elbow, along the inner aspect of the arm. In less invasive forms (mini arm lift or mini-brachioplasty) of the procedure, the incision is limited to the arm pit and upper arm. The procedure often is combined with liposuction. A significant amount of skin is removed and the incisions closed with absorbable sutures, which are buried below the skin’s surface.


Generally, it will take one to two weeks to regain normal function of your arms and hands. Patients will require pain medication during that time and usually need to take one to two weeks off from work. Patient’s are asked to wear a compression garment postoperatively.


Before and After Photos

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