If you are looking to make a transformation, Please take a moment to listen. Maybe you want a refined nose, a fantastic set of “twins,” Or a sexy new abdomen. Let me tell you he is more than a surgeon. God gives us all a talent within. His can be easily dubbed as a magician. He deserves his owm emblem. He even leaves no trace of the incisions. His personality is so outstanding and genuine. His wonderful staff Ophelia and Shelby, they complement him. They will take care of you from beginning to the end. I cannot wait to show and tell all my friends. His work exceeds perfection. He is at the top of Houston’s Best 10. If you want the best, look no further than him. His accolades, he deserves all of them. A billboard would still not be enough promotion for the happiness he has given me within. I hope he knows he has made a new friend. There is no one better at making a physical improvement than the talented and superb Dr. John T. Nguyen. Thank you for all you do and I will be back again!