Dr. Nguyen,

Hi Dr. Nguyen! It’s Ayana Mack from MIX 96.5! I am all healed and recovered now and I must say words can’t begin to express my gratitude for what you have done for me. Before having my child I had what I call my high school body. As you saw, my post baby body wasn’t so hot. I worked out and ate right but was never able to get that old body back. I began researching doctors and various procedures and even had multiple consultations but I never truly felt comfortable enough to go ahead with surgery. After meeting you and discussing my options, there was something in me that just felt like this was right. You were so compassionate and genuine, you gave me your honest opinion and you were extremely thorough. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that you were the doctor for me and my transformation.

It has been a few months now since my surgery and I’m feeling and looking better than ever. I have a flat tummy, my breasts are back where they were in high school and my family’s famous mustache is gone forever! I get so many compliments and most importantly, I look natural! You and your support staff over-exceeded my expectations from beginning to end. You even gave me your cell to call or text at anytime because you knew I was a worry-wart! I truly felt and still feel like I am a part of the family at Sugarland Plastic Surgery so much so that I have referred family members and friends! My mom has already scheduled her laser! I know they will all feel the same sense of calmness and security that I did. I can never thank you enough for the new life and image you have given me. You have truly been gifted and I can promise you that you will always be my body’s surgeon…especially once I start getting up there in years and things start shifting again!

A Million Thanks!